RetroBlasting researches and analyzes all things retro, from old school to reboots, always with a sense of humor. They put everything from Atari to Transformers under the microscope with the goal of deconstructing the properties and letting you see them in a new light. They pride themselves on being an independent and honest voice that doesn’t pull punches when reviewing toys, cartoons, movies, comics, and geek culture.

Michael French grew up on Indiana Jones, Voltron, and Star Wars. He has a passion for most all things 80s, from DeLoreans to proton packs to obscure Japanese robot toys. He has degrees in film and journalism, which give him a unique perspective on fandom. He was closely involved with the development of Star Wars: Revisited and ESB: the Reconstruction as well as serving as a staff writer for and In 2013 he was named social media administrator for Voltron by World Events Productions.

Melinda Mock grew up on My Little Pony, Thundarr, and heavy metal (when she got a little older). She has degrees in art and anthropology and loves digging up odd facts about 80s properties. She tends to be a purist in her fandom (much like Michael), preferring originals to reboots. She loves conventions, cosplay, and horror films. Even though she’s a big death metal fan, she still loves ponies and kittens. And weapons of all kinds.

In addition to creating regular content for the YouTube channel, RetroBlasting has recently presented at a number of conventions in the US, including Pensacon, Emerald City Comicon, and Dragoncon.