S2Ep17 - The KLF: Music, Chaos, and Discordianism

 This still looks like Drummond is seriously considering taking a bite out of Cauty's ear. We may have been loopy, but this caused us to laugh a LOT and consider what foods would have "ear consistency." Please leave your ideas in the comments!

This still looks like Drummond is seriously considering taking a bite out of Cauty's ear. We may have been loopy, but this caused us to laugh a LOT and consider what foods would have "ear consistency." Please leave your ideas in the comments!

What's that you say? You're not particularly into early 90s house/ dance music? You think it's all super lame? Or perhaps you think, "Oh, yeah!! I remember that song '3 AM Eternal.' Junior high school ruled." Let us be the ones to tell you - there is SO much more to this story.

The KLF are known for their popular dance songs "3 AM Eternal," "What Time is Love," and "Justified and Ancient." You may also know them for their novelty pop song done under the band name "The Timelords," called "Doctorin' the Tardis." What you may NOT know is that they gave a big middle finger to the British music industry with an outrageous display at the 1992 Brit awards, deleted their entire music catalog, and burned a million quid. Why, you ask? The answer will take us deep into discordian thought - you may never see the world quite the same way again.

We have a lot of reference links and photos for you this time - so please enjoy.


S2Ep16 - Sell Out! (When Metal goes Mainstream)

WASP Live in the Raw - Brian's first "Explicit Lyrics, Parental Advisory" album.

This week we are joined by Thrash It Out podcast host, Brian LeTendre, to talk metal - and in particular to talk about how long-time metal fans feel when their favorite band takes their music in a new direction. Brian discusses the Hysteria album by Def Leppard and the Promised Land album by Queensrÿche. Melinda discusses the infamous "Black Album" by Metallica. Aaron listens to the woe with patience. If you've ever been through a bad band breakup when that sound you love was lost forever, you will definitely appreciate this discussion. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll possibly be offended... but you can still probably relate.


Check out Brian's podcasts! If you love metal, or are just interested in learning more about it, we highly recommend them!!

  • Thrash It Out - Where he is joined by Antony Johnston (yes, the guy who created Wasteland!) and they listen to a heavy metal album, and then argue about it.
  • Power Chords Podcast - Brian and Matt Herring discuss rock and metal, and they talk about their favorite bands from the 70s through the 90s. Rock and metal nostalgia from 2 guys who clearly love music!


Video: Metallica Mixer Explains Missing Bass on 'And Justice for All' - Ever wonder why "And Justice For All" had no bass? Wonder no more.

Def Leppard, Ring of Fire - The best Hysteria era song you've probably never heard!

S2Ep15 - Moonlighting... the Pilot, and more

Moonlighting, the 1985 ABC show that spawned the career of Bruce Willis and featured Cybill Shepherd, was unlike most other shows in the 80s. With its regular nods to classic cinema and constantly breaking the 4th wall, it made the romantic-comedy detective show format truly innovative. Melinda and Aaron discuss the pilot episode, as well as if there is truly such a thing as the "Moonlighting Effect."

Please enjoy some stills as reference for the discussion.

S2Ep14 - Batman and Bill

batman without bill.jpg

We've all heard of Batman, and most of us know his creator as Bob Kane... but as the 2017 documentary directed by Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce, "Batman and Bill," makes clear, there is a lot more to the story. Partially based on the 2012 book, "Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-creator of Batman" by Marc Tyler Nobleman, the film (available on Hulu) provides a ton of first-hand evidence showing that Bill Finger was actually the key creator of all the most memorable parts of the character. Note: Documentary SPOILERS in this podcast!!! Melinda and Aaron speak with comic book expert Michael Bailey (The Fortress of Baileytude podcast) to discuss Bill Finger's contributions to Batman, and why so many comic book creators from the 30s didn't get the credit they deserved.

S2Ep13 - MacGyver, Episode 1

ep 1.jpg

Melinda and Aaron go back to the first episode of MacGyver to see how it holds up - and have a hilarious time! We take you through a play by play of the first episode of the iconic seven season show of the 80s, with a few fun facts about the series thrown in for good measure.

S2Ep12 - King of Kong, with Updates!

With the recent news of Billy Mitchell having his records revoked, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the story of the battle for the high score in Donkey Kong, and the insanity surrounding this entire story. Melinda and Aaron take you back through the fight for the title, as detailed in the 2007 documentary, "King of Kong," and tell you what was left out. We also discuss the current status as of May 2018.

Oh, so many references:


S2Ep11 - Revenge of the Jedi

Michael French joins us to talk about the original script for Revenge of the Jedi - in which the "Sanctuary Moon" of Endor had an actual meaning, Leia was not Luke's sister, and Han Solo was slated to have a heroic death. Listen and imagine what might have been...

S2Ep10 - The State of Modern Fandom

Has modern "Fandom" turned into Sports culture? Is Marvel vs. DC the trendy geek version of... the red and white sports-ball team vs the orange and blue one? If so, how did it get this way? What does it mean for the non-sports fans in the room, who miss the content that came with obscurity? We answer this, and so much more.

S2Ep08 - Burning Inside: Chernobyl & The PMRC

Aaron & Melinda each pick a news event from the 80s and discuss. On the table for discussion: a nuclear disaster and proposed music censorship. Don't you miss the 80s?

 Chernobyl's Elephant's Foot

Chernobyl's Elephant's Foot

6:48 - Aaron - Chernobyl - April of 1986 saw a catastrophic nuclear disaster in Ukraine, then part of the USSR. Aaron gives us more information on what actually happened and some notable facts you may not have heard about.

26:46 – Melinda - PMRC Senate Hearings - occurring on September 19, 1985, these hearings sought to begin labeling music based on lyrical content for the alleged purpose of allowing parents to control their kids' music. Melinda tells us how that went.

 Dee Snider, giving our buddy Al Gore what for.

Dee Snider, giving our buddy Al Gore what for.

 The 85 PMRC Avengers - John Denver, Dee Snider, and Frank Zappa

The 85 PMRC Avengers - John Denver, Dee Snider, and Frank Zappa

Suggested Reading

S2Ep07 - Operation: Mindcrime

We bring it back to metal with a discussion of Queensrÿche's 1988 concept album Operation: Mindcrime. It usually makes the top 10 of all metal concept albums, and was a staple for most metal fans growing up in the 80s. As a long-time fan, Melinda walks you through the details and Aaron provides his insights as a new listener. If you don't remember, you will now.

  • 11:10 – Album plot overview
  • 20:05 – Track by track deconstruction – I Remember Now
  • 21:38 – Anarchy X
  • 22:24 – Revolution Calling
  • 25:34 – Operation: Mindcrime
  • 27:56 – Speak
  • 34:04 – Spreading the Disease
  • 38:28 – The Mission
  • 43:38 – Suite Sister Mary
  • 50:33 – The Needle Lies
  • 52:09 – Electric Requiem             
  • 54:14 – Breaking the Silence/ I Don’t Believe in Love
  • 55:09 – Waiting for 22
  • 59:40 – My empty Room
  • 1:01:10 – Eyes of a Stranger, Messages from this album 

1:08:20 – Live Performances – Operation: LiveCrime and Mindcrime at the Moore

1:17:05 - Band Breakup and Lawsuit

 Cassette Tape Track listing, which shows that Suite Sister Mary was part of Side 1 on this version

Cassette Tape Track listing, which shows that Suite Sister Mary was part of Side 1 on this version

S2Ep05 - Smurfs

Smurfs: communist woman haters or adorable 80s icons? Probably a little of both. From comics to cartoons, cereal to figurines, Italian villages and Smurf cosplayers, we give you a full overview of Smurfs.

 Original Smurfs in    Johan and Peewit   in 1958

Original Smurfs in Johan and Peewit in 1958

 Júzcar, Spain - Smurf Village

Júzcar, Spain - Smurf Village

Link to the Belgian UNICEF commercial in which the Smurf village is carpet bombed.

Link to the original Father Abraham Smurf song.

 The Smurfs movie could only have been improved by the addition of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The Smurfs movie could only have been improved by the addition of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

S2Ep04- Dune (1984, David Lynch)

How different is David Lynch's 1984 movie Dune from the 1965 book by Frank Herbert? What is it like to watch it for the first time in 2018? We will tell you all this and more in this podcast. Melinda and Michael provide movie synopses, and Aaron explains what it all means.

22:55 Michael's synopsis
46:00 - Melinda synopsis


S2Ep03- Star Wars: The Dark Times

We interview two lifelong Star Wars fans - Tom Berges from igrewupstarwars.com and Michael French from RetroBlasting - about what it was like to live through "The Dark Times," i.e. the years between 1983 (release of Return of the Jedi) and 1997 (The Star Wars Special Edition theatrical release). How did they keep hope alive, and what was it like to be a Star Wars fan when most people had moved on to girls, Nirvana, and fast cars?


S2Ep02 80s Mascots: From Cereal to Cigarettes

The Noid, McDonald's Mac Tonight, Max Headroom, and Spuds MacKenzie are just a few of the bizarre mascots we discuss this week, including their little-known backstories.

S02-01: The Decline Of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years

Melinda got the blu-ray box set of the Decline of Western Civilization movies, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about Metal!! Not that there is all that much real metal in this 1988 documentary by Penelope Spheeris... but nonetheless we give it a go. Aaron watches the film for the first time and Melinda revisits it with the director's commentary. Contemplating buying the set? You'll wanna hear our review.


14 - Clash of the Titans, 1981

Aaron, Melinda, and Tom debate the strengths, weaknesses, and fun facts surrounding the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans, which interestingly features no clashes or Titans.

 I'm formidable, and my hair is stunning.

I'm formidable, and my hair is stunning.