40 - In Search Of... Bigfoot

Leonard Nimoy, hosting In Search Of…

Leonard Nimoy, hosting In Search Of…

From 1977 to 1982 Leonard Nimoy guided us through a wide variety of strange phenomena on the syndicated, half-hour show “In Search Of.” On this episode of Dreamland, Melinda and Aaron learn a ton about Bigfoot from Spock himself, as well as special guest Tom Berges from I Grew Up Star Wars. In this episode we discuss four episodes spanning “Bigfoot,” "The Swamp Monster," "Monster Hunters," and "The Abominable Snowman." If you’re like us, your belief in Bigfoots will change several times during the discussion.

Image 1 - Still from the Patterson–Gimlin film, 2 - Grover Krantz with a Bigfoot foot impression mold, 3 - Peter Byrne, the man, the myth, the legend, and 4 - The Bay Area Group

S3Ep02 - The Colbys

In the 80s, "primetime soaps” were definitely a thing, but you may not remember the 1985 Dynasty spinoff, “The Colbys.” An Aaron Spelling project, this show was Dynasty but more expensive, with slightly fewer catfights, but slightly more alien abductions. And let’s not forget that it starred none other than Charlton Heston. Melinda and Aaron marvel at this 80s masterpiece.

S2Ep21 - Street Hawk, TV Series 1985

First there was Knight Rider, then there was Airwolf, but then came STREET HAWK! Airing for 13 episodes on ABC in 1985, the series showed us what it would be like to ride a motorcycle at 300 mph and stop on a dime. Melinda and Aaron give you the backstory of the show’s production, and walk you through the extra-long Pilot episode, so even if you’ve never see it, you can say you have experienced: Street Hawk!

S2Ep20 - Halloween Specials

Kids born before the 90s remember the delight of that first holiday special coming on at night. You’d gather in front of the giant television with the rest of your family and actually enjoy a cartoon with your parents - one of the few times that happened for many of us! While there are a ton of well-known and much loved Christmas specials, it’s Halloween that really kicks off the season. However, most people could probably only name one, maybe two Halloween specials. In this episode, we watched TEN Halloween specials spanning from 1966 to 1993. We’ll let you know which ones are hidden gems and which ones are best forgotten.

  • 1966: It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

  • 1978: The Devil and Daniel Mouse

  • 1978: Halloween is Grinch Night

  • 1978: Witch's Night Out (on Amazon Prime)

  • 1981: The Crown of Bogg

  • 1984: Which Witch is Which? (Chucklewood Critters)

  • 1985: Garfield's Halloween Adventure

  • 1987: The Monster's Ring

  • 1988: The Canterville Ghost (animated)

  • 1992: The Halloween Tree


Leach-Rankin Halloween Special ‘Witch’s Night Out’ Celebrates 40th Anniversary

All Aboard the Paraphernalia Wagon: Revisiting Dr. Seuss’s ‘Grinch Night’ Halloween Special

Do You Remember The 1981 HBO Halloween Special ‘The Crown of Bogg’?

Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree

Charlie Brown: Blockhead's Revenge by Funny or Die

S2Ep15 - Moonlighting... the Pilot, and more

Moonlighting, the 1985 ABC show that spawned the career of Bruce Willis and featured Cybill Shepherd, was unlike most other shows in the 80s. With its regular nods to classic cinema and constantly breaking the 4th wall, it made the romantic-comedy detective show format truly innovative. Melinda and Aaron discuss the pilot episode, as well as if there is truly such a thing as the "Moonlighting Effect."

Please enjoy some stills as reference for the discussion.

S2Ep05 - Smurfs

Smurfs: communist woman haters or adorable 80s icons? Probably a little of both. From comics to cartoons, cereal to figurines, Italian villages and Smurf cosplayers, we give you a full overview of Smurfs.

Original Smurfs in    Johan and Peewit   in 1958

Original Smurfs in Johan and Peewit in 1958

Júzcar, Spain - Smurf Village

Júzcar, Spain - Smurf Village

Link to the Belgian UNICEF commercial in which the Smurf village is carpet bombed.

Link to the original Father Abraham Smurf song.

The Smurfs movie could only have been improved by the addition of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The Smurfs movie could only have been improved by the addition of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

05- Pullin' a Timberlake

Trick or Treat for Salt!!

It's finally October, and Melinda and Aaron are ready for Halloween! We hear stories about their Trick or Treating escapades, and some favorite candy.

(08:45) Melinda and Aaron get into the Halloween spirit and talk about their favorite (spooky) Star Trek television episodes, including entries from everything through Enterprise. Grab some candy corn and Swedish Fish and reminisce along with them!

(1:04:20) How Did We Survive? Scott Bakula (not really) writes in about a shocking survival experience. Don't forget to send YOUR story of how you survived to!