S2Ep11 - Revenge of the Jedi

Michael French joins us to talk about the original script for Revenge of the Jedi - in which the "Sanctuary Moon" of Endor had an actual meaning, Leia was not Luke's sister, and Han Solo was slated to have a heroic death. Listen and imagine what might have been...

S2Ep03- Star Wars: The Dark Times

We interview two lifelong Star Wars fans - Tom Berges from igrewupstarwars.com and Michael French from RetroBlasting - about what it was like to live through "The Dark Times," i.e. the years between 1983 (release of Return of the Jedi) and 1997 (The Star Wars Special Edition theatrical release). How did they keep hope alive, and what was it like to be a Star Wars fan when most people had moved on to girls, Nirvana, and fast cars?