RetroBlasting DragonCon 2015 Presentations Announcement!

We are confirmed to present for our 2nd year at DragonCon here in Atlanta as part of the American SciFi Classics Track! If you're planning to attend, please stop by and say hello and check out one of our panels. We are currently scheduled for 2 full RetroBlasting presentations (Friday and Monday) and one in which we will be guest panelists (Sunday). You can also find up-to-the-minute times and locations in the DragonCon app, search for Melinda Mock or Michael French as a presenter.

The panel room is on the Marriott Marquis level (one level down from the front desk level), room 303-304 (opposite end of the Marquis level from the walkway to the Hilton) - behind the escalators and next to Kinko's! 
*Times Subject to Change*

• Friday, 9/4/1 at 2:30 IN THE HYATT, DUNWOODY Room- "Celebrating 80s Animated Movies" - Melinda will be a panelist along with others in the Animation Track to discuss animated films of the 80s that were not Disney, including Fire and Ice, The Last Unicorn, and Transformers. 

• Friday, 9/4/15 at 5:30 pm: VOLTRON: LION FORCE ANNIVERSARY. RetroBlasting takes you back to Days of Long Ago to show Voltron’s hidden history and the surprising origins of this 80s icon. We will be giving away prizes!!!

• Sunday, 9/6/15 at 10 am: "Classic Sci-Fi Roll-a-Panel" Melinda and Michael will be panelists along with other Classic Track folks. A 20-sided die will decide topics from classic science fiction and we will discuss in a lightning round.

• Monday, 9/7/15 at 11:30 am: "80s Cartoons: One-Season Wonders" RetroBlasting reviews the weird and wonderful world of 80s cartoons that only had one season. Before you leave the con, be sure to catch this!