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Star Wars Rogue One SPECIAL: Part 2/2 - RetroBlasting Toy Review Hasbro

RetroBlasting concludes its Rogue One special in a massive video that's all about the scale of Hasbro's Rogue One vehicles, as well as the scale of Hasbro's entire Star Wars line since 1995! We go from Power of the Force 2 to Power of the Jedi to Saga to Original Trilogy Collection to The Vintage Collection and back again!

Star Wars Follies XII: Micromanaged Galaxy Vintage Toy Review Kenner 1982

RetroBlasting's latest installment of Star Wars Follies looks into one of Kenner's greatest experiments with their Star Wars toy line -- The Micro Collection! Why did this line fail? What makes it legendary? It's a vintage action figure retrospective and review of diecast miniscule proportions!