RetroBlasting Theme Song Lyrics: What the heck are they?!

Lots of people have asked about our theme song, and in particular wondered what the lyrics are. Our good friend, Dolph Amick is a musician, puppeteer, actor, and all-around awesome guy who has a great sensibility for retro/pop stylings. So we were thrilled when he said he’d help us out by writing a fun song for the beginning of our feature videos. We asked him to make it a combo of some of the best 80s cartoon anthems, like Pole Position and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. We can’t imagine a more perfect song or lyrics! Check them out:


We gotta get back to the past

To the 20th Century

Diggin’ through the bubble wrap

Dolph rocking out, Renaissance-style.

Into your memories!

Michael’s the collector

He’s protecting what we find

Melinda’s heavy metal guns

Will keep us safe through time


Dusty corners of your mind


The stuff you’ve loved since you were nine

We’re blasting into the past

To see what thrills still last


Check out some of Dolph’s other work at