Behind the Scenes

RetroBlasting Announcement - We have a Patreon page!


After several years of debate and consideration, we finally gave in and set up a Patreon account. This decision didn't come lightly, as we were reluctant to ask for money from all you guys. And we'd like to make it clear: we will still be providing our regular video content to everyone for free, as usual. We understand that you guys have lots of things you need to spend your money on.

But some of you have asked about contributing, to help out with expenses we incur such as new equipment (cameras, microphones, lights) and vintage toy purchases (we still have a few big-ticket items we're trying to obtain!). Please know that all money we receive as part of your donation, should you make one, will go directly into RetroBlasting, not our personal accounts.

As of this week, we've been at this for 6 years on YouTube. We're excited to continue to grow our channel and community, and we're thrilled to have you with us. So stay tuned, and if you're interested in contributing, please click the link at the top of this post to find out more, including what cool extras we're offering to our patrons. Thanks!!! - Michael and Melinda

RetroBlasting Theme Song Lyrics: What the heck are they?!

Lots of people have asked about our theme song, and in particular wondered what the lyrics are. Our good friend, Dolph Amick is a musician, puppeteer, actor, and all-around awesome guy who has a great sensibility for retro/pop stylings. So we were thrilled when he said he’d help us out by writing a fun song for the beginning of our feature videos.