S2Ep20 - Halloween Specials

Kids born before the 90s remember the delight of that first holiday special coming on at night. You’d gather in front of the giant television with the rest of your family and actually enjoy a cartoon with your parents - one of the few times that happened for many of us! While there are a ton of well-known and much loved Christmas specials, it’s Halloween that really kicks off the season. However, most people could probably only name one, maybe two Halloween specials. In this episode, we watched TEN Halloween specials spanning from 1966 to 1993. We’ll let you know which ones are hidden gems and which ones are best forgotten.

  • 1966: It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

  • 1978: The Devil and Daniel Mouse

  • 1978: Halloween is Grinch Night

  • 1978: Witch's Night Out (on Amazon Prime)

  • 1981: The Crown of Bogg

  • 1984: Which Witch is Which? (Chucklewood Critters)

  • 1985: Garfield's Halloween Adventure

  • 1987: The Monster's Ring

  • 1988: The Canterville Ghost (animated)

  • 1992: The Halloween Tree


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