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S2Ep22 - MixTape: Echoes and Action Park


As part of our MixTape format, Aaron and Melinda each pick a cool topic and discuss. This week, Aaron tells us about Echoes, the ambient music show on Public Radio, and Melinda shares the crazy story of New Jersey’s Action Park.

Images and Echoes

Action Park

S2Ep08 - Burning Inside: Chernobyl & The PMRC

Aaron & Melinda each pick a news event from the 80s and discuss. On the table for discussion: a nuclear disaster and proposed music censorship. Don't you miss the 80s?

Chernobyl's Elephant's Foot

Chernobyl's Elephant's Foot

6:48 - Aaron - Chernobyl - April of 1986 saw a catastrophic nuclear disaster in Ukraine, then part of the USSR. Aaron gives us more information on what actually happened and some notable facts you may not have heard about.

26:46 – Melinda - PMRC Senate Hearings - occurring on September 19, 1985, these hearings sought to begin labeling music based on lyrical content for the alleged purpose of allowing parents to control their kids' music. Melinda tells us how that went.

Dee Snider, giving our buddy Al Gore what for.

Dee Snider, giving our buddy Al Gore what for.

The 85 PMRC Avengers - John Denver, Dee Snider, and Frank Zappa

The 85 PMRC Avengers - John Denver, Dee Snider, and Frank Zappa

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